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The Bluegrass, Barbecue & Brew Festival is a way for the Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation to raise awareness about Patrick Henry, Virginia’s first elected governor and America’s Patriot. The festival is held on the grounds of Patrick Henry’s last home and burial site, Red Hill. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization devoted to education and preservation. The festival allows us to educate the public about Patrick Henry and 18th century life.

Music was THE entertainment for the 18th century family. Patrick Henry played the flute and the fiddle, both of which are here in the museum at Red Hill. His wife Dorothea played the English guitar. The fiddle and violin are really the same instrument, however when it is used to play folk music it is considered a fiddle. Henry and his family enjoyed folk music.

During the 18th century it was quite easy to raise hogs. Typically hogs would roam the surrounding woods, so there was little to tend to. Farmers would smoke and cure the meat and it would keep without spoiling. Often when we think of barbecue we think of pork, although there are other types, we chose to lump them all together and just enjoy barbecue.


Another interesting tidbit of information about Patrick Henry is that when Henry was governor of Virginia he hired a Scotch brewer to make a small beer. Henry served nothing stronger at the Governor’s table. With this information, we chose to highlight Virginia craft beer.

Because of these interesting facts about Patrick Henry, Red Hill decided to craft a festival that would celebrate Patrick Henry’s life and the Virginia that he loved; so the Bluegrass, Barbecue and Brew Festival was born. The festival highlights Virginia craft beer and cider, traditional bluegrass music and delicious smoked barbecue.

The Bluegrass, Barbecue and Brew Festival at Patrick Henry’s Red Hill offers visitors a laid back day on the picturesque grounds of Henry’s last home and burial site. Guests enjoy the historic grounds with docents giving them wonderful bits of information inside of the buildings. They listen and dance to the timeless sounds of fiddles, guitars and banjos. Visitors decide on which mouth-watering barbecue they want to tantalize their taste buds with from local South Central Virginia vendors. They are also able to sample and purchase the finest beer and cider that Virginia craft brewers have to offer (along with our very own Red Hill wine collection).

  • Festival hours are 11:00AM until 5:00PM. Music starts at 11:45AM and last pour will be at 4:30PM.
  • Walk through historic site and grounds, visit the plantation buildings. Docents will be available to answer questions.
  • Please empty your glass and place it in the red bag that will be  provided and given to you at each building.
  • Visitor center houses museum with Patrick Henry artifacts, as well as a video and Museum Shop.
  • Please drive safely and the exit route is the entrance route, so look for oncoming traffic!
  • Be sure to bring a lawn chair or blanket for seating to watch the Bluegrass performances.
  • Pets are allowed this year but must be on leashes at all time and are NOT allowed in any of the historic buildings.
  • Red Hill Wine will be available at a discounted price throughout the festival!
  • ID must be shown for all tasting ticket holders at the gate. No exceptions.

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